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Handbook for the Missouri Radiological Society

The intent of this document is to facilitate smooth functioning of the Society by enumerating the duties, responsibilities and privileges of the officers, councilors and some of the committees. This information is culled from the Society’s bylaws and ACR bylaws and from the experience of the authors, who have served as Society officers. We feel that future officers can perform with improved efficiency if this information can be found in one place. We do not intend that the incoming officers should not take advantage of the experience and expertise of those serving before them.

The bylaws of the Society can be found on the Society’s website at The ACR bylaws can be found on the ACR website at and searching “bylaws”.
Updates and changes in this Handbook are expected and encouraged to maintain its timeliness and utility.

The President

1. Arrange and chair the Spring and Fall meetings

  • the structure of the meetings is listed in the Society bylaws
  • arrange speakers
  • can always use the ACR as a source of free speakers, keeping in mind
  • that the ACR may determine the subject
  • the agenda should additionally include any subject of relevance to the Society in the opinion of the president or his fellow Society members

2. Head the Missouri Radiological Society contingent to the AMCLC (Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference)

  • credential our councilors at the meeting to confirm we have our allowed allotment for voting

3. Chairman of the Executive Committee

  • when necessary, contact members of this Committee by email or telephone between regular meetings to conduct urgent business

4. Member of All Committees (ex-officio)

  • keep in touch with chairmen of relevant committees to make sure they are performing their functions and are prepared for the upcoming meeting

5. Appoint Committee Members and Chairs

  • appointments should be made within one month following the most recent Annual (spring) Meeting
  • president-elect should review appointees and recruit and remind new appointees about upcoming appointment and responsibilities
  • 10 Standing Committees are listed in Bylaws; the following 3 Committees have special requirements
  • Nominating Committee has its own process for appointing and electing Committee members; president chooses 3 appropriate past presidents to be members
  • Fellowship Committee
    • must consist of Fellows of the ACR
  • Judicial Affairs
    • appointed by President, approved by Executive Committee, no members can come from Executive Committee

The President Elect

  • basically assist the President in his duties in preparation for taking over the following year
  • more specifically, aid in setting up committee members and chairs for the year, with these committees set up within the month after the Annual Meeting at which he/she became president

The President Elect

  • basically assist the President in his duties in preparation for taking over the following year
  • more specifically, aid in setting up committee members and chairs for the year, with these committees set up within the month after the Annual Meeting at which he/she became president

The Vice-President

  • to assist the president and president-elect as needed and requested by them

The Secretary/Treasurer

  • record and preserve the minutes of the meetings of the Chapter and any separate meetings of the Executive Committee
  • shall promptly forward a copy of the minutes of each meeting to the headquarters of the ACR
  • notify all members of the Chapter of their appointments
  • keep a record of the membership of the Chapter
  • at least 30 days prior to the Fall and Spring (Annual) Meetings, notify members of the date, time, location and agenda of the upcoming meeting. Include in the meeting materials the current officers, councilors, alternate councilors and committee members. Also include the minutes from the most recent prior meeting and other material that might be relevant to be reviewed prior to the meeting. The names of the members are supplied by the ACR. Contact has recently been via email.
  • the date of the Annual Meeting is scheduled in conjunction with the Missouri State Medical Association Annual Meeting, alternating between St. Louis and Kansas City, usually the first weekend in April. The Fall Meeting is at a date decided upon at the Annual Meeting.
  • handle the Chapter’s correspondence and give a membership report at the meetings. -supply the final signature for fellowship applications -set up the fellowship dinner at the AMCLC.


Article V, Section 5, ACR Bylaws
Duties of a Councilor
The duties of councilors shall include attending and participating actively in the meetings of their local radiological organization and of the College, familiarizing themselves with activities and problems at the local and national level, acting as liaison between their local radiological organization and the College, and interpreting each to the other, contributing to both groups’ ideas, guidance and advice, and stimulating preparation of resolutions of their local radiological organization for presentation to the Council.

Article V, Section 6, ACR Bylaws
Duties of the Alternate Councilor
Alternate councilors shall aid the councilors in the performance of their duties and accompany the councilors to meetings of their local radiological organization and of the College. The alternate councilor shall act for the councilor in the councilor’s absence or in the event of the councilor’s inability to act.

Article V, Section 2, ACR Bylaws
Each chapter shall be entitled to elect one (1) councilor for each one hundred (100) members of the College who are also chapter members; provided, however, that each chapter shall be entitled to a minimum of one (1) councilor. Chapter membership rolls will be rounded up to the nearest hundred to determine the appropriate number of councilors for each chapter.

For example: 1–100 members = 1 Councilor
101–200 members = 2 Councilors
901–1000 members = 10 Councilor


  • the president is a member ex-officio of all committees, acts as chairman of the Executive Committee and appoints the members of the following standing committees (with special requirements for nominating, judicial and fellowship).
  • Nominating
    • the members of this committee will consist of 3 past presidents appointed by President and two elected members, one of which is elected each year, nominated by this committee
    • bylaws indicate the committee should include representatives from all three geographic areas
    • the committee develops a slate of officers including councilors and alternate councilors for the annual meeting; this requires consideration of the term limits for councilor and alternate councilor positions (councilors and alternate councilors are considered officers)
    • the chair of this committee must submit the proposed slate IN WRITING to the secretary prior to the meeting at which elections are to take place
  • president, president-elect and vice-president serve one year
  • terms begin after the Annual Meeting
  • the terms of the councilors and alternate councilors begin after the ACR annual meeting (ACR bylaws Article V, section 2, line 426)
  • secretary/treasurer serves 3 years, and can be elected to (at least) a second term
  • councilors serve for 3 years, can be re-elected for a second term, but then must rotate off for at least 1 year before being considered for another term

Education and Program

  • the president can use committee members to help set up programs for meetings and can assign members to set up resident programs


  • the president can assign members the task of contacting physician groups for recruitment

Radiology Practice/Medical Insurance

  • if a member of the Society is a member of the Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee, or the ACR network related to private payers, this member can report significant news or changes relative to radiology practice and reimbursement
  • may be contacted by legal counsel regarding significant changes


  • the president is available for consultation regarding fellowship applicants


  • basically handled by Society legal representative (currently Harvey Tettlebaum)

Technologist Advisory

  • discuss pending relevant legislation as indicated by legal representative and suggest lobbying effort, where appropriate

Judicial Affairs

  • the president should participate with this committee in disciplinary actions as defined in bylaws


  • bylaws chair will notify Executive Committee if there are pending changes
  • when a bylaws change is approved by the Society, the chair should update the bylaws document and a copy should be sent to the secretary; the updated bylaws should be posted on the website


  • chair coordinates resident attendees to AMCLC
  • following are more detailed committee chair duties and responsibilities:

In November or December, the ACR will notify the president of the Chapter that it is time to select residents for the next year’s meeting. You may also arrange with the ACR chapter office for that notification to be sent to the Resident Committee chair. Because of the distractions of the year-end holidays, wait until just after New Year’s Day to contact the members of the Resident Committee.

In January, send email to Resident Committee members asking for their selection of a resident from their program. Name, mailing address, email address and telephone numbers should be sent to you and then can be forwarded to whomever is designated on the forms you received (from the ACR) regarding resident delegates.
Two weeks later send reminder to those who have not responded, and again two weeks later if necessary. The previous year’s resident delegate from each program can serve as a contact.
The chair shall contact the other members of the Committee to indicate the designation of resident delegates from their respective institutions.
As you get each resident’s information, send a brief email with your contact information, tell them to register and make hotel reservations, and invite them to the spring Mo. Rad. Soc. meeting.

Make a list of all their names and contact information and when it is complete, send it to the other Resident Committee members and the officers. When the roster is complete, email the residents and ask if their information may be shared with the others.

When you receive the program, including the agenda, for the spring Mo. Rad. Meeting, forward it to the resident delegates and invite them to attend and mention that expenses will be reimbursed.
One month before the ACR meeting, send email to residents with details of the meeting, expectations of their participation, and appropriate dress. Again remind them of spring Missouri Radiological Society meeting, if applicable.
One to two weeks after ACR meeting, email residents reminding them to send the reports of their impression of the meeting. Include the Mo. Rad. Secretary’s email, mailing address and telephone number for reimbursement. There is a form on-line as well to fill out for re-imbursement. A second reminder may be necessary.

Some residents have lots of questions. Encourage them to contact you and/or the resident from their program who attended the previous year.
Prepare Resident Committee report for spring and fall meetings of the Society. If you need copies of the reports done in the past, the previous committee chair can send them to you.
(Sample documents for requesting the names of attendees, questions the residents might have, reimbursement forms, etc. should be available from the outgoing committee chair)

Arlene Segal, M.D., FACR
Mark Lavin, M.D., FACR
April 21, 2015