SAVE THE DATE – Fall Meeting

Holiday Inn Executive Center – Columbia Mall

2200 I-70 Drive S.W.  Columbia, MO 65203

Saturday • September 30, 2023


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

St. Louis (11)

Beth McFarland, MD First Term, 2021-2024
Meredith Byers, MD First Term 2021-2024
Shannon Farmakis, MD  First Term, 2023-2026
David Pohl, MD  Second Term, 2021-2024
Karen Goodhope, MD  Second Term, 2021-2024
Valerie Reichert, MD  Second Term, 2022-2025
Pam Woodard, MD  Second Term, 2022-2025
Tom Schroyer, MD  Second Term, 2022-2025
Cathy Lowdermilk, MD  Second Term, 2022-2025
David Butler, MD  Second Term, 2023-2026
John Dombrowski, MD  Second Term, 2023-2026

Kansas City (4)

Jennifer Buckley, MD  First Term, 2022-2025
Anjum Shariff, MD  Second Term, 2021-2024
Amy Patel, MD  Second Term, 2021-2024
Michael Green, MD  Second Term, 2023-2026

Mid-State (6)

George Pjura, MD (Cape) First Term, 2021-2024
Sid Belshe, MD (Jefferson City) First Term, 2021-2024
Carlin Ridpath, MD (Springfield)  Second Term, 2021-2024
Nanda Thimmappa, MD (Columbia)  Second Term, 2022-2025
Chris Spencer, MD (Rolla)  Second Term, 2022-2025
Arash Saemi, MD (Columbia)  Second Term, 2023-2026