RADPAC Update – Election Year

In mid-March once COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, RADPAC suspended its fundraising activities. While we understand the virus is still as present and serious as ever, it is an election year and RADPAC needs to return to fundraising in order to have the resources to ensure radiology-friendly Members of Congress and candidates get elected.

The RADPAC Board has agreed to restart its fundraising  with a Charitable Match Campaign that will run from July 31 through August 31.

All new contributions of $100 or more to RADPAC ($50 or more for residents) made between July 31 through August 31 will be matched 10 cents on the dollar by RADPAC’s administrative fund to one of three organizations selected by the RADPAC Board.

Go to to make a contribution.

See here for more information on the Charitable Match Campaign.

State Legislation That Passed in 2020

Passed and signed by the Governor on 7/14/20: 

Breast Cancer Screening (SB 551) – This provision implements American College of Radiology guidelines for breast cancer screening, including expanded insurance coverage for any woman deemed high-risk by her treating physician and any medically necessary follow-up imaging.
The act requires coverage of ultrasound or MRI services when determined by a treating physician to be medically necessary for the screening or evaluation of breast cancer for any woman deemed by the treating physician to have an above-average risk of breast cancer in accordance with ACR guidelines for breast cancer screening.

MORADS members active in the ACR

We are pleased to announce that:

Member Pamela Woodard, MD continues on the ACR Board of Chancellors as Chair of the  Commission on Research.

Member Amy Patel, MD is now on the Council Steering Committee.

We are proud to have such active College participation from Missouri members.

New Fellows

New Fellows from Missouri inducted at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the American College of Radiology are James A Nepute MD and Rebecca Lee Hulett Bowling MD.

One of the highest honors the ACR can bestow on a member in good standing is recognition as a Fellow of the American College of Radiology. ACR Fellows demonstrate a history of service to the College, organized radiology, teaching, and/or research. Only 10 percent of College members have been awarded this honor.

Please join us in congratulating our new Fellows!

For a list of recent Fellows from Missouri see here.

News from the ACR Annual Meeting

The ACR meeting was successfully held in an entirely virtual format this year.

Member Carlin Ridpath, MD was active on Reference Committee #1, a very active committee.  Thanks to Dr Ridpath for her participation in this important work of the College.

MORADS Spring Legal Presentation

Despite our spring meeting cancellation, our attorney, Harvey Tettlebaum, has nonetheless kindly provided us with his spring legal report and presentation.


Missouri Radiological Society Elects New Officers

President Neal Meyer, MD
President-Elect Michael Raney, MD
Vice-President Christopher Swingle, DO
Secretary-Treasurer Amy Patel, MD
Immediate Past-President Carlin Ridpath, MD

Due to cancellation of our annual meeting the Executive Committee has elected these officers pro tem.  Final election will be at the fall meeting.

Congratulations to all!

COVID-19: Radiology, Revised April 3, 2020

Information from our lawyer:

April 3, 2020

The MO HealthNet Division (MHD) is responding to an outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. The virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease it causes has been named “coronavirus disease 2019” (abbreviated “COVID-19”).

Effective with dates of service on or after March 1, 2020 providers do not need to obtain prior authorization for Chest CT Scan HCPCS codes 71250, 71260, and 71270 when the following COVID-19 related diagnosis codes are present: B34.2, B97.29, J1289, J20.8, J22, J40, J80, J98.8, R05, R0602, R509, Z03.818, and Z20.828. The MHD will continue to waive the co-payment for these codes.

Prior authorizations for ALL procedures managed by the MHD’s RBM will be approved for 90 days during the COVID-19 crisis. The list of procedures the RBM manages can be found here:

This Hot Tip also applies to providers that are contracted with the Managed Care Organizations.

Harvey M. Tettlebaum

ACR Annual Meeting Converts to Virtual Format

The ACR® 2020 annual meeting is transitioning to a completely virtual meeting that prioritizes ACR governance activities. ACR 2020 will be held entirely online May 16-19.

The ACR 2020 virtual meeting will enable participants to take part in and experience:

  • ACR caucus meetings
  • ACR elections
  • Consideration of ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards
  • Consideration of ACR policy resolutions
  • Livestreaming of Presidential Address and Chair’s report
  • Awarding of ACR Gold Medals and Honorary Fellowships

Meeting materials here.

ACR Urges President to Speed PPE Resupply

The American College of Radiology® recently sent a letter to President Trump stating that we are “concerned by the insufficient supply of N95 masks, protective face shields, gowns, gloves and other equipment needed to keep diagnostic imaging professionals safe.”

The College told the President that “We stand ready to work with you and all of the federal and state agencies, as well as the private manufacturing community, to expand the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) resources and we implore you to further accelerate that production by all means necessary.”

Read the letter.